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Heather Mills- Apparently 1-Legged Whores More Expensive than 6-Diamond Prostitute at Emperors Club

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rabid raccoon

Regardless of how many people told Sir Paul he was crazy not to get a PreNup, I just have to say: "WOW! -That's one expensive whore!"

The joys of 1-Legged Trollopery have been Legend since Time Immemorial, and the stories of bastard pirates who've survived their ravages are as fearsome as the Great Monster Sagas like The 13th Warrior Beowulf.

Supposedly, the array of Positions a 1-legged woman can get into is significant. Let alone those of a 1-legged whore, who should be able to destroy an entire Mexican village while sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch.

The best part about the Heather Mills court opera is that society always loves when Whores get Rabies.

The raft of specious claims Damn Lies that comprise her list of Sharpton-esque Tawana Brawley-scale claims are breathtaking to the point of making the dead Niccolo Machiavelli blush in his grave.

Now why don't the Brits just throw her in jail for what amounts to lying? Who knows?

Isn't This just more straightforward and cheaper?:
amsterdam prostitute

1-Legged Prostitute on YouTube

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Photo, "Rabid Raccoon" by s nada
Photo, "Man Cruises Amsterdam Prostitutes", by Flickr User Shanghai Sky

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