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Boycott Southwest-Goddamn Airlines! AT-TI-CA, AT-TI-CA!!! [w/Vids]

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kyla ebbert

After installing their pseudo-puritan Born Again Moral Compasses into the instrumentation of the planes, Southwest has gone just Too Fucking Far this time.

They humiliated and threatened to bounce a Hot Chick off their flight. Those Damn Dirty Bastards!

Kyla Ebbert is entitled to fly just the same as any random ugly chode guy.
When, Oh When will the discrimination against hot blondes in tiny miniskirts stop, I ask you???
-Vids after the jump.

In an official response to Kyla Ebbert, Southwest representatives offered no apologies, saying and I quote:
"Southwest Airlines was responding to a concern about Ms. Ebbert's revealing attire on the flight that day. As a compromise, we asked her to adjust her clothing to be less revealing, she complied, and she traveled as scheduled. When a concern is brought to our employees' attention, we address that situation directly with the customer(s) involved in a discreet and professional manner. Fortunately, as an airline that carries approximately 96 million customers a year, these situations are extremely rare. PS: Fuck off, you dirty jezebel panty flasher. Sincerely, Bob Martin, 1-800-IFLYSWA x2486 (call me)"

In another "extremely rare" hot, breasty chick bouncing incident that convinces us Southwest's management is staffed by woman-hating fundamentalist Christian closeted gay fashion designers, Settara Qassim was booted also! Is their no end to your vile hatred, Southwest!?!!!

These Southwest people seriously need to hook up with Eliot Spitzer and learn to love the poonanny.

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