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Crazy Japanese WMD Slogan Underpants

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CMD underwear 2 Girls 3 Deadly

Honestly, we here at WD thought the Flickr Chinglish Pool was the absolute tops and the last word in freestyle english language mashup public humor poetry with gems like "mind crotch", "Naïve Bear Paradise", "Herpes Schmerpes", "Beaty Sharon, the service for massage", "Fale Toilet", and (for the Brits in the house) "Fanny Florist, Ltd." (as 'fanny' means something diff to the brits, eh?)

-Their quality-minded neighborhood rivals across The Sea of Japan have struck back in the best way they know how:

UNDERPANTS! (? allegedly all mens????)
With slogans like:
"Caress Me Deadly"
"Bubble Me Deadly"
"Cash Rules Everything Around Me" (I assume a substitute for A.D.I.D.A.S. -??? (yes, you have permission to temporarily enter the MoshPit))
"Till We Become A Bone"
"2 Girls, 3 Deadly" (how true, how true)
and the universally popular,
"Crap Me Deadly"
--printed right there on either your Crotch or your Ass, ?HOW? can you possibly go wrong?
Beijing Olympics 2008-Coincidence? I think not. -"Crap Me Deadly" and it's sloganeering brethren are just the first salvo in the contentious Engrish/Chinglish-Samurai/Shaolin Blood Feud between two very old and bitter ass-printing rivals.

Watch out Asian underpants, you've been warned!!!

CMD Underwear   via JapanSugoi

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