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DIY Knitted Uterus For Bitter, Barren, Cat-Lady Spinsters

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herbal tea bag box

With so many women becoming increasingly tied to their careers and their irrational "Unicorns, Rainbows and Lucky-charm-farts" Expectations of men, the rate of Uterus Expiration is at an all time high, despite the rigors of modern science.

Even The Blog of Bitches, by Bitches for Bitches -otherwise known as "Jezebel" has been able to illustrate a few bad examples (in their new comedy section). What will those damn Jezebels produce next; -Cold Fusion?

But who will come to the rescue? Brad Pitt with his Greek God vagina melting mojo? George Clooney who has the superhuman ability to fill any room with cheese, just by thinking to himself, "I'm Cary Grant."

Nope! -It's Instructables!

So round up all the desperate party-whore, cigarette-smoking, selfish, naricisstic, unrealistic city bitches and send them over to Instructables, where they can Knit Themselves a DIY Uterus. (->for when their existing one becomes as barren as Martha Stewart sitting Buck Naked in the Atacama Desert; -which is 15 minutes from now; --yes, you'd already guessed that, my clever little donkeys!)

Instructables DIY Knit Uterus

Photo: "Herbal Tea, Bag & Box 2", by annette gulick

PS: Don't read those damn Jezebel links, they will only melt your brain and women will Truly Write and Believe just about Anything.

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Posted by elburro on 04/ 1/08 | Comments (0) | Email to a friend | AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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