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Japan Appoints New Ambassador

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japanese appoint cartoon ambassador

In the most Honest action taken in any government around the world, Japan has officially sacked up to the plate and called it's shot like a modern-day Judicial Babe Ruth. -Left Field, Second Row Up; Gaijin MF-ers!

While we're suffering from the worst case of "I Can't [****-ing] Believe It's Not Butter!!!" since Fabio with our own elected officials, I believe strongly our friends in Japan are trying to -At Once- 1)Extend the Hemlock Branch of sympathy festooned with bottles of Percocet, and 2)Send a Message.

You guessed it, They Appointed a Cartoon to Government!

This time, it's an Ambassador; -but why fuss about details; we get it, we get it...

Insert your own Dubya, Clinton Hummer, Reagan "What, Nancy?", Carter Idiocy, JFK Secret-Office Freak Fest, etc. joke in place of their wonky blue spheroid.

At least in courageous La France, they seem to expect this kind of crap and start drawing Immediately.

Japan's Cartoon Character in Government

Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

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