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CBS Buys Bleeding-Edge Company CNET, Color Tele-Vision To Follow

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old man 30's tech phone
Early in the morning after a few hearty constitutions and a bran flake enema at the Battle Creek San', Chief Mugwump of the Columbia Broadcasting System Incorporated, aka The Tiffany Network, agreed to buy the brash young scallywag upstart of a company that goes by the initials of C-N-E-T; -no doubt a H.A.M. Radio callsign.

Formerly known as the United Independent Broadcasters, and later as the Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System, this new-fangled Columbia

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Video: Bluegrass Britney Spears! -WTF??? -TFSU! Nickel Creek FTW!!

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yael naim toxic britney spears
After a search for Yael Naïm's wacky video for the MacBook Air song on YouTube, El Burro somehow ended up on these guys. -I guess through Yael's own cover of the song. -Which simultaneously Tests my undying love for Yael, the producer-buddy who whipped her ass into shape, and my tolerance for french accents in pop music.

Usually I have as much tolerance for Pop Tart music as I do for Paris Hilton. Herpes is not a gift and it's not special like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or Lucky the Leprechaun; in spite of the fact that it keeps coming back for a visit.

But enough Yael-ing!

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