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Spitzer Breathes Sigh of Relief, Joins Bill Clinton Club; John Edwards Officially Banged Hussy

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john edwards rielle hunter love child

Somewhere in a tony, wood-paneled washington hotel that condones unprotected anal sex with female prostitutes who have magic ******s, Eliot Spitzer is breathing a Massive Sigh of Relief; "I'm finally outta da spotlight!".

And Ashley Dupree is cursing; -"That should be MY seven whore diamond spotlight moment, dammit!".

Strike Up The Band, Fellaz!!! Because The Parade of Political Diddlers is officially back on! [cheering]

john edwards rielle hunter
eliot spitzer ashley alexandra dupree
senator larry craig toilet
jim mcgreevey golan cipel
bill clinton monica lewinsky
gary hart donna rice
john f kennedy marilyn monroe

Go Go John Edwards!
-Now Spitzer looks like a biker rockstar and Clinton almost seems classy by comparison; -given that Edwards had the affair during his wife's cancer fight. Would Chubby-Chaser "Slick Willy" even stoop that low?

-Oh, and of course Edwards is not the father of the lovechild. ... Who's birth certificate is mysteriously blank in a few spots.

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