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boobquake lethal weapons by jen mccreight

In the tradition of the best science experiments ever conducted in history, Copernicus, Newton, Tesla, Einstein, you name it; student Jen McCreight has enlisted [upd: almost a hundred] thousands of women, armed only with their boobs, to test out a very strange hypothesis.

That immodestly-dressed women cause earthquakes.

If some odd religious hypotheses are right, there should at least be a few noticeable earthquakes in Washington DC, West Lafayette Indiana, and perhaps a few other cities on April 26th, 2010.

The indiscreetly-dressed women will have somehow attracted vast quantities of men away from their normal location, making them behave in lascivious ways completely against their ordinarily purer nature, ::then a miracle:: and somehow the tectonic plates of the earth would've shifted and shuddered, all due to the ladies' magnetic boobage; -or assage, or leggage as the case may be.

[ed: wait a sec, is this just a weird stone-age-religion-version of the old 70s-Standby: "If this van is a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'"-??!!?]

Regardless: The most important takeaway of course, is that this is Serious Scientific Inquiry in the unboringest way possible, and that there is a place for boobs and immodestly-dressed women in every possible pursuit in life, even the rigorous world of the scientific method.

So here's looking forward to Jen McCreight's experiment, her 80,000+ closest & most-immodest friends, the results, the published studies, near-shoo-in OBE appointment by Queen Elizabeth II, and subsequent Nobel Peace Prize in Theoretical Physics, The Humanities, and Plate Techtonics.

Hats off to Jen all her intrepid participants.


UPDATE 4/27: BoobQuake Scientific Results are in at Jen's Blog

Photo: "Lethal Weapons", by Jen McCreight

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