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Video: Explosion! Hydrogen Refueling Station In Rochester Goes Boom. -Steve Jobs Continues To Elude Authorities

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The Hydrogen Bomb UK Civil Defence Ministry 1957

Two people, including a driver from Praxair were injured during a tank exchange at a hydrogen refueling station just outside Rochester airport that led to an explosion.

What exactly went wrong? How did it happen? And who's fault was it?

We at wonkydonky have the exclusive after the jump!

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Video: Ohio Dukes of Hazzard Police Car Passing Attempt FAIL

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dukes of hazzard bo luke daisy general lee CMT Dukes Institute
Well, right about now you’d think them Duke boys could use a little help from Cooter and his tow truck, and you’d be about a hunderd-and-fifty-proof right.

‘Cause boy I tell you, the day they passed out good luck, Bo and Luke must have been out fishing.

…You know, some day I’m gonna write me a book about Hazzard county insurance claims for that li’l green feller what works fer Guy Co.

-Just a good ole’ boy…

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