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ELL-OH GUBNAR!! -Brits Launch Greatest UndergrounD Party Since ... 1999? Where are you, Prince??? [w/vids]

london circle line party 2008 may 31
Once Again our slightly more patrician and hard-drinking cousins across the pond prove why sometimes America really really sucks.

First Order of Business: No Booze On Public Transport.

Shocking that entire stations and train cars were not rent asunder by sheer force of -DOOF!, DOOF!, DOOF!, DOOF!-; euro techno melded with britons chanting something that sounds like the dirty thing Italians sing at 'football' games.

How England just got around to banning booze on public transport Three -(3)- days ago is a testament to their superiority as a culture and a nation.

El Burro salutes you, Old Blighty!!!
Vid of the Best Party you will ever see; -short of a formaldehyded Hootie and The Blowfish surrounded by a cloud of atomized LSD at the Great Pyramid with Jimi Hendrix on guitar and John Bonham on Drums in 2999-, after the jump.

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Otherwise "Nice Guy" Spring Breakers Dynamite Balcony, Do Not Understand Subsequent Arrest

spring break hotel
SO, as a Refresher Course:

Outside the confines of Hazzard County, Georgia,
It would seem that complete or partial detonation of a public structure is in fact best left in movies with 'House' and 'Animal' in the title and not practiced in real life.

And though the Morris family from Kansas Probably Did request a Wake-Up call,

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Never Mind The Bollocks. -Drink Your Own Pee!!!

urotherapy book
Hey!- If Instructables has directions on it, and the venerable Surgeon General SONIA RODRIGUEZ DE GOMEZ says "DRINK YOUR OWN URINE [edit: that's "The Waters of Shiva" to you and me] AT LAST ONCE A DAY. PREFER THE FIRST EMISSION IN THE MORNING.", then what could possibly be wrong with it?

Sarah Miles does it; -so did JD Salinger, and Former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai, too.

-Wasn't Auto-UroTherapy part of the DeltaDeltaDelta Sorority

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