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Collagen Make Poonanny Go Boom.

Maybe fix Spitzer Mama-San? -or Vietnamese ding-dong beads instead?

Certainly good time for invention. Women just the laying downs eternity; men do all work in bedroom, anysure.

Maybe this instance 2 minutes finally enough?...

... OR, just make MORE nagging, just every 2 minute???

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Vegetarians At It Again, This Time Disfiguring Children

crazy lady by Brenton Nicholls
First, it was Christian Scientists who don't believe in Medical Science, whose children end up dying.

Now, a 12-Year-Old Girl in Glasgow Scotland has degenerative bone disease, several fractures and Rickets due to parents' restrictive vegan diet imposed on her since birth.

Causing Global Warming apparently not enough for them, now Vegetarians are bent on causing children a long, slow death and deformity.

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Never Mind The Bollocks. -Drink Your Own Pee!!!

urotherapy book
Hey!- If Instructables has directions on it, and the venerable Surgeon General SONIA RODRIGUEZ DE GOMEZ says "DRINK YOUR OWN URINE [edit: that's "The Waters of Shiva" to you and me] AT LAST ONCE A DAY. PREFER THE FIRST EMISSION IN THE MORNING.", then what could possibly be wrong with it?

Sarah Miles does it; -so did JD Salinger, and Former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai, too.

-Wasn't Auto-UroTherapy part of the DeltaDeltaDelta Sorority

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